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Equity Protection Program

What information is necessary as you proceed with our Equity Protection Program?

Equity Protection Program

As the seller, you’ve agreed to sell your home under the condition that the existing loan stays in place. This entails transferring the deed to the purchaser at closing while retaining the mortgage under your name.

From this moment forward, the purchaser (Tennessee State Home Buyers, LLC) assumes all payments associated with the home, encompassing mortgage, utilities, insurance, and taxes. The closing documents signed by both you and the purchaser indicate this transition in financial obligations.

Following the closing, the mortgage will continue to appear on your credit report (if accessed). Should you consider obtaining a loan or line of credit in the future, you can furnish the closing documents to demonstrate that you are no longer liable for the monthly payments linked to the property.

Once the purchaser chooses to refinance or sell the home entirely, your name will be removed from the mortgage as it will be paid off in full at that juncture.

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Our team, specializing in cash offers on homes across Tennessee, has assisted numerous homeowners in selling their homes to us while maintaining their existing loan, enabling them to promptly acquire a new property thereafter!

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We assure you that we are the leading company to sell your home to in Tennessee. Our unique blend of integrity, professionalism, and equitable pricing sets us apart from any other competitor.

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